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BioRePeel in Boulder, CO

Radiant Skin Restored

Do you have 30 minutes? Then, you can see vibrant, youthful skin with the power of a potent blend of ingredients after a BioRePeel treatment. Using a variety of acids, vitamins, peptides, and other bioactive ingredients, the BioRePeel requires no downtime and can work to treat signs of aging, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation in just the span of a short appointment.

BioRePeel at Mōv Aesthetics

At Mōv Aesthetics, medical director Dr. Brittany Collins, D.O., and the entire professional aesthetic team are dedicated to results that go above and beyond. Our goal is not just to make you look great but for you to leave us feeling great. With innovative options like the BioRePeel at our well-appointed Boulder med spa, we can help you transform your skin and your outlook.

Introducing the BioRePeel

BioRePeel is a luxurious 35% TCA skin peel designed in Italy to rejuvenate and revitalize the skin. This formulation harnesses the power of natural enzymes to break down dead skin cells and impurities gently. In addition, a combination of gentle acids, including tartaric and salicylic acid, helps to further refine the skin's texture. These acids contribute to the removal of excess oil, unclog pores, and encourage a more even skin tone. The inclusion of squalane oil fights free radicals on the skin, and isopropyl myristate fills tiny cracks in the skin to prevent loss of moisture. BioRePeel also incorporates essential vitamins, including vitamin C and vitamin A, that have skin-renewing properties and can help support collagen production.

BioRePeel Benefits

With minimal downtime and no extreme peeling, the BioRePeel is an excellent skin transformation choice for those with busy schedules. You can restore your confidence and see smooth, radiant skin with quite possibly the only med spa for BioRePeel Boulder has to offer. Some of the many benefits include:

  • Soften wrinkles and fine lines
  • Improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation
  • Lessen sun and age spots
  • Fade acne scars
  • Brighten overall dull skin
BioRePeel Boulder, CO  Boulder

BioRePeel Candidates

Since this peel uses a gentle, versatile formula, safe for any skin type, nearly anyone who wants to improve the appearance, feel, and health of their skin is a great candidate. It can also be done year-round, and is a great option for those with an active lifestyle or social commitments.

Can I combine a BioRePeel with other aesthetic treatments?

Yes! The BioRePeel can be easily combined with other treatments, including Botox, dermal fillers, microneedling, and MOXI laser, and is an outstanding complementary procedure for maximum rejuvenation and collagen stimulation.

Consultation and Preparation

Our ultimate goal is personalization, so during our consultation, we will examine your skin, discuss your aesthetic goals in detail, and craft a tailored treatment plan. To prepare for this treatment, you will need to avoid hair removal, such as waxing for two weeks, retinols for one week, and exfoliation for about 48 hours.


At your Boulder BioRePeel appointment, your skin will be prepared, and then the peel solution will be applied and left on for about five minutes. Most sessions only take about 30 minutes.

BioRePeel Boulder, CO  Boulder

Results, Recovery, and Aftercare

After your treatment, you will likely see improvements over about two weeks, and you may experience some mild redness for a day or two afterward. We recommend four to six initial sessions spread two to four weeks apart.

BioRePeel Boulder, CO  Boulder

Why choose Mōv Aesthetics?

Our aesthetic specialists are passionate about seeing patients love their results and watching them discover new and improved confidence. We want to ensure that each treatment is custom-tailored for each client's specific aesthetic goals, comfort level, and unique needs.

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BioRePeel Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

Different patients report varied levels of minor to mild discomfort, such as a stinging or burning sensation, but the BioRePeel is typically not considered painful.

This peel is very safe for all skin types. Some minor side effects could include redness or swelling that resolve on their own. Slight flaking of the skin can occur as the old skin cells come off.

With a strategic initial treatment plan that includes three to six peels, the results can last up to one year or more.

Most patients continue to see gradual improvement over the course of about two weeks.

It's best to wait at least one day after your peel before applying makeup, but gentle moisturizers and sunscreen can be used immediately after. Products that contain retinol or other more potent treatments should wait about one to two weeks.

The cost of a BioRePeel will vary depending on the initial recommended treatment plan and each patient's goals. Visit the Specials page and check out our Mōv Money VIP membership program to gain access to exclusive savings on your favorite medical spa services!

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