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Eyebrow Tinting In Boulder, CO

Passionate About Beauty

A Better Brow

We enjoy learning each client's goals and needs so we can help you achieve the natural appearance you desire. Our eyebrow stylists at Mōv Aesthetics in Boulder, Colorado, will work with you to create a look that reveals the harmony of your face shape, eye shape, and personal style. We are delighted to have you here.

Eyebrow Styling

What is Eyebrow Tinting & Eyebrow Design?

A well-defined, polished brow can complement your face’s features and harmony, creating a beautiful overall look. At the same time, the lasting solutions to eyebrow styling Boulder clients can receive from us allows one to minimize daily beauty routines. You can spend less time getting ready and more time looking flawless.

Eyebrow Tinting

Our stylists can tint your brows in a way that will best compliment your face. With our eyebrow tinting Boulder area residents can receive the look of a clean eyebrow and eliminate the need to color or fill in brows.

Eyebrow Design

Our stylists can complete your look by waxing and shaping your eyebrows in a design that will best compliment your face. Eyebrow Design can include a combination of waxing, tweezing, and trimming.

Eyebrow Tinting Boulder, CO  Boulder

Newfound Confidence

What Can Brow Tint & Design Do?

A freshly tinted and designed brow can leave you feeling refreshed with newfound confidence. We help you find the natural balance of the appearance of your face and shape your brows to enhance the beauty you naturally carry. Boulder eyebrow tinting and design with Mōv is a great solution for anyone wanting to define their brows. Tinting is especially effective with lighter shades of hair color.

How Does Brow Tinting & Design Work?

Eyebrow tinting defines the appearance of a clean brow and does away with the necessity for brow coloring or filling. Waxing, tweezing, and trimming can all be used in eyebrow design.

Brow Tint & Design vs. Microblading

Eyebrow tinting is a noninvasive treatment to dye the color of the hair strands. Microblading is a semi-permanent and minimally invasive procedure.

Brow Tint & Design at Mōv Aesthetics

The stylists of Mōv Aesthetics most enjoy their work when you leave their chair feeling refreshed and glowing. They carry a passion for fusing science with aesthetics for safe treatments with organically beautiful results. They will take the time to carefully consider your suggestions and create a detailed plan for the results you desire.

Discover Your Natural Beauty


We look forward to helping you achieve that glowing and refreshed appearance you seek. Please reach out to us to schedule a consultation in which we will determine the best steps to develop your desired look. Welcome to our facility! We look forward to developing a personalized treatment plan for you.

Glowing Results

Eyebrow Styling Preparation and Procedure

Please have a clean face when you show up for your Boulder eyebrow styling session. Do not use a tanning bed 48 hours before your session, and take off all your makeup.

An Effortless Look

Eyebrow Tinting & Design Recovery, Results, and Aftercare

Maintaining your Eyebrow Styling results

After eyebrow tinting Boulder clients should keep their brows completely dry for the first 12 to 24 hours. Avoid frequent rubbing or washing in the eye area to increase the tint's lasting appearance. Additionally, you should avoid using oil-based facial products because they will make the color fade. Be sure to only tweeze hairs outside of the design between visits. Schedule your maintenance visits with us every three to four weeks.

Eyebrow Tinting Boulder, CO  Boulder

Eyebrow StylingFrequently Asked Questions

Scarring is unlikely. Eyebrow tinting will leave no scarring as the dye is applied to the hair follicles themselves. It is not intended, but waxing may leave scarring if the skin is lifted with the removal. Tweezing also can leave pore-looking scars where the hair has been removed.

It is recommended to avoid tinting during the first trimester of your pregnancy and schedule a patch test before moving forward into the second and third trimesters. Waxing is considered generally safe during pregnancy.

Brow tint and design are relatively low-pain treatments. The tinting only consists of dying the hair itself. And the waxing may be uncomfortable but is considered bearable with a slight and brief sting.

The risks are unlikely, but you may experience an infection or an allergic reaction to the materials used. Please inform us of any allergies before receiving any treatments.

  • Brow Tint: $30
  • Brow Design: $35
  • Brow Tint/Design Combo: $50

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